About the Life of a Golf Addict

Hello, fellow golfers! My life from around the age of six has consisted of golf, a lot of golf. Golf has taken me out to 40 degree days with my dad in late November, to youth tournaments in my early teens, eventually to the WIAA state tournament (Wisconsin’s high school sports association) and now in early adult hood, to teach golf to teens through a youth sports initiative back home as well as professional lessons through a country club I work at.

Throughout this nearly twenty year process, I’ve taken advice from a variety of different places. From the inserts in Golf Digest to high school coaches to golf pros I would consider almost anything because, just like you, I wanted to get better. I wanted to get better so badly that eventually playing well, or getting better became more important than enjoying the game or the people I was around. It got so bad that in my mid teens I quit golf for around a year (believe it or not that didn’t make me better) because I couldn’t accept the level I was playing at. Now even though I was a young kid back then, every golfer goes through a round, or a stretch where they’re frustrated with their game. And even though I’ve gotten much better at not worrying about my play, let’s be honest, nobody is having any fun when you’re looking for your ball in the woods every other shot, or you can’t get the ball off the ground.

We can all agree that playing better never made anyone less happy. Like I said before, I’ve played a lot of golf and I’ve gotten a lot of advice. Not all of it was good but in my search for improvement, I can guarantee I’ve tried it. This is where Golf Academy comes in. You probably don’t have the time to practice every day like I did as a kid, but you don’t need to. I’ve compiled the most useful, most successful advice I have received as well as my own advice about how to fix the major problems that plague golfers. My goal is to give you something new to try every time you head out to the links. Ultimately, I want to help anyone that sees this page improve their game, and give them a chance to enjoy this game a little more. Even if it’s only one stroke a round; if I can save you some time and frustration than The Golf Academy is doing its job.

This should go without saying but I really would appreciate any and all feedback about this page. If you having something to say or if this helped you at all (I would especially like to know that!) just shoot me a quick email to the address below. Also, if you have any questions that weren’t answered somewhere on this blog by all means just drop me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! I really do appreciate your interest in this page and I thank you for your time. If you get nothing else from this page just remember this about golf, “The worst day on the links still beats the hell out of any day at work”.





6 thoughts on “About the Life of a Golf Addict

  1. Hi Sully,

    Great looking page so far! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to reading your articles and chatting some golf. Always love connecting with other golf bloggers who share a passion for the game!



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