How to Practice: Getting Up-and-Down

Of all the skills around the green, one of the hardest to perfect is the art of getting up and down. While it might be hard to get the hang of, perfecting this can be one of the easiest ways to save strokes during your round. I mean, if you think about it, going from three shots around the green to only two is an extra stroke on your scorecard every time you get up and down. And you know we’re all about saving strokes here at The Golf Academy! So we’re here today to talk about some of the different ways to practice the art of getting up and down. Continue reading “How to Practice: Getting Up-and-Down”

How to Practice: At the Range

This might seem like a no-brainer. Go to the range, buy a bucket of balls, and whack away. And while this might be what you see other people on the range doing, putting some thought into the clubs you focus on and just how you practice at the range might help you improve your game.

So what should you be doing at the range? Well I think of it like this: ideally, you want to get a consistent shot that you can use while you’re on the course. So, if you’re looking to replicate your range shots out on the links, it only makes sense that you should practice like you’re on the course. Yes, this is going to slow you down, so if you’re trying to hit 200 balls in a couple hours you might not reach your goal, but practicing on the range (like almost everything in golf) is about quality over quantity.

How exactly do you do that? Continue reading “How to Practice: At the Range”

How to Practice: Chipping

Continuing the recent series of practice advice I decided to look at the short game today. I talk extensively about why chipping and other shots around the green are seemingly more difficult than other shots in my article: How to Chip Away Strokes Around the Green. To summarize, it all boils down to practice, or at least it did for me. The reason I was successful around the green was because I spent hours and hours practicing the shots I would be required to hit. Now in the same article I also briefly discussed how I used to practice but, looking back at it, I realize that it’s not only impractical for a lot of different golfers but also somewhat unorthodox. It worked for me but it might not for you, and that’s why we’re here today. There are other, just as effective, methods of practicing chipping that require a lot less time and space than my unique method (although I thought it was awesome as a kid). Continue reading “How to Practice: Chipping”

How to Practice: Putting

When it comes to golf, it’s easy to get lazy with practice. After all, isn’t it enough to go out 30 minutes before your round and hit some 10 footers on the practice green? Or should you commit time for the sole purpose of improving your putting? And if so, how do you do it?  All of these are excellent questions and sometimes you get a lesson that doesn’t come with a lot of extra drills to help you ingrain what you learned. So that is why we are here today. Continue reading “How to Practice: Putting”

Why is Practice so Important

I get a question every summer when I teach youth camps back home. Young kids will ask me something about golf that is almost impossible to explain in one sentence. “How do I get better at golf”.

It’s a good question, how do you get better at golf? There’s honestly no phrase that could encompass all of the things you need in order to improve but usually, for kids, a great place to start is simply, practice. More on this… Continue reading “Why is Practice so Important”