What are Winter Rules?

Image result for winter rules golfSpring is coming to the golfing world and I couldn’t be more excited to start a new year on the links! But if your home is anything like mine you might still be worried about some more nasty weather before the season really gets under way.

Thanks to my days of competitive golf I’m very accustomed to playing in less than stellar weather. From forty degrees and rain to howling wind I’ve seen it all out on the course and to be honest, the climate usually doesn’t do anything drastic for my golf game…

Until you bomb your drive down the middle and you end up in a snow pile… then the weather is a problem.

Luckily for us though, there are some common courtesy rules that we can put in place to make sure these early spring rounds go a little smoother for all of us, called winter rules. Continue reading “What are Winter Rules?”

4 Rules You Never Knew You Were Breaking

If you’re like me, most of the time you spend playing golf is just for the love of the game. I’ll go out on a Sunday afternoon with my dad or my brother and we’ll just play eighteen. I don’t make them re-tee their drive if their ball slips out of bounds, we’re very loose with our interpretation of ground under repair, and we generally let the small stuff slid by without too much of a fuss (except when my brother kicks the ball out from underneath a tree). This not only helps us keep our pace of play up, but it also helps us enjoy the game and each other more because we don’t have to worry about playing the game “the right way” in terms of the rules.

All of this goes out the window once you’re in a tournament though, where one small slip up on some of the rules I said above could result in penalties or even disqualification; something nobody wants to see! So what are some of the small nuances in the game of golf that some of us “Sunday golfers” pass over regularly? Continue reading “4 Rules You Never Knew You Were Breaking”

Rules: White Stake vs. Red Stake

red stake creekLet’s be honest, there are a lot of rules to think about when it comes to golf. You can’t ground your club in a hazard, you have to drop a ball from shoulder level, a swing and a miss still counts as a stroke, and about a thousand other ones on top of these. While there’s a seemingly endless amount of rules for every situation in golf, some are more important than others simply because they’re more prevalent to the common golfer. None of us have are probably worried about what happens if a bird picks up your ball but knowing some basics rules of golf not only speeds up play but ensures that you don’t risk unnecessary penalties or even a disqualification during a tournament.

So what does that mean for today? Well, no matter how good you are, eventually you’re going to lose a ball to a hazard or hit one out of bounds. But what’s the difference between these two situations, and how does your next shot change depending on where you lost your ball? Continue reading “Rules: White Stake vs. Red Stake”