How to Practice: During the Winter

It's awful, isn't it? You practiced throughout the spring, perfected your golf game in the summer, and really found a groove in the fall only to lose all of that hard work once the snow starts to fly. It happens every year and somehow we never really figure out a way to fight back. I …

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How To Cure Your Slice

The slice, a bane of many golfers existence when it comes to hitting the ball off the tee. You lose your distance, you lose your accuracy, and ultimately, you waste strokes every time you smack your tee shot off into the trees. I got to personally see the damage a slice can do to someone's …

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Nerves and How They Can Effect Your Round

To start, I have to thank Mike Johnny, author of 36aday who I had a brief discussion with yesterday, for giving me the inspiration behind this article. While the comment below belongs to discussion about the benefits of a pre-round routine, I understated how important it can be for calming your nerves. That's something we're going to elaborate …

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