golf academy logoWelcome to the home of golf here at Golf Academy. Our goal is to give you easy tips that you can apply to your game and see improvement quickly without having to spend hundreds of dollars on professional lessons. Throughout my lifetime I’ve gathered a large amount of information about golf and I’ve worked with a countless number of people and I’ve noticed that a lot of people struggle with the exact same problems. So I’ve decided to pile all my advice together here today to give you an outline, or a sort of troubleshooting manual for the different parts of your game that are giving you problems. In the coming installments I’ll outline the four main mechanical parts of golf (no mind games yet) as well as some of the main problems golfers encounter with each area. While this guide will provide an overview of basic techniques, I’ll release my methods for practicing all of the different parts of golf in smaller increments (because you don’t have four hours to read a master thesis on golf) which will include more specific, advanced advice about that part of the game. Now I know you’re anxious to start getting better, so lets jump into it! Look below and on the side bar to see some of the great golf content we have here!

Thank you for joining us,



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