How Hard is it to Get a Hole in One?

hole in one.jpgWe all know someone whose gotten a hole in one before, or maybe you’re one of them. It almost has a mystical allure to it, especially for those who’ve never had one (I’m one of those people). It’s rare, even for tour professionals to hit a hole in one and even more so for average golfers. But just how hard is it to get a hole in one?

Well, if you’re hoping for one in the near future, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news… According to, the chances of an amateur golfer hitting a hole in one are around 1 in 12,750. That means you would have to play 12,750 par 3’s until you finally have an average chance of getting an ace.

If you consider that on a “normal” 18-hole course you only play about four par 3’s a round that means it will take, on average, a little less than 3,200 rounds for you to eagle a par three. Now, if we assume that you play twice a week for six months (it’s cold in Wisconsin), that’s only around 50 rounds a year. So if you were to wait until you had an average chance of sinking it in one shot, you would have to play…

64 Years!

Yes, that’s a long time. A really long time. In fact, that’s longer than I’ve been alive by at least three fold.

I guess that’s why it’s customary for the golfer who hits the hole in one to buy a round of drinks for his party at the end of the round. If nobody vouched for him or her, who would believe that it actually happened with such bad odds?

The celebration is great, and we all heard stories about a friend’s hole in one, but if you’re like me, and you haven’t gotten a hole in one quite yet, I suppose you should consider yourself part of the majority. We all hope to one day get a hole in one but it seems like the odds of that happening are not quite as great as we all might hope.

But that begs the question… Have any of you ever beaten the odds? Tell us about your hole in one (or lack there of) and the people you were with at the time!



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