A Midseason Recap and Big News for The Golf Academy

It’s hard to believe we’ve made it into August already! It seems like just yesterday we were talking about the first round of the year and since then things around The Golf Academy have only picked up. Now some of you have been here since the beginning of things last winter and I’ll apologize because it has been a while since I’ve been publicly active here but I assure you, I have been busy. It’s been a great summer and for those of you that are still around I promise you the wait will be worth it! I have a great plan for the future of The Golf Academy, and it’s that vision that I want to chat about with you today.

First thing first though, I do apologize for my apparent absence but it has been an extremely busy summer around here. To be completely honest, working a full time job (as I’m sure a lot of you can attest to) takes up a lot of time. Between a job, family and athletic obligations up at school, as well as finding time to play and teach lessons, I really haven’t taken a breath since March.

Somewhere in the middle of all this I’ve managed to work on two small side projects involving The Golf Academy:

  1. A Golf Academy Clothing line and…

2. A new book about improving the mental part of your golf game

Let me explain…

About the clothing first. A little over a month ago I gave a short lesson to a young gentleman and as the lesson progressed, eventually this blog came up. We talked briefly about some of the stuff on here (a little shameless self-promotion) and then I asked what he liked to do with his free time.

He responded with a great story about becoming a young fashion designer who has, just recently, launched his own clothing line. As we continued to talk back and forth he asked if I had ever considered creating a brand of clothing centered around The Golf Academy, and to be totally honest, I told him I never had. But he had sparked my interest.

After the lesson I grabbed his phone number and over the past couple weeks we’ve e-mailed and even met once more (on a golf course, what a win-win) to talk about a possible new line of clothing for The Golf Academy. While the process has gone slowly since then I’m excited about the possibility that eventually we could create a clothing brand centered around our love of golf here. More on this in the next couple weeks…

As for the book that’s in the works, I really have only you guys to thank. Writing has always been something I’ve enjoyed and my love of golf seemed to synergize perfectly with that passion for writing. Based on some of the positive comments about the ideology and mentality of The Golf Academy that I’ve received consistently since the founding of this page, I knew that gathering up a wide range of topics we’ve talked about here would be a big step in the right direction in terms of growing The Golf Academy and my own skills as a writer.

This book has been in the works for a while now, since March, and I would consider it about half complete. Most of the actual verbiage has been written, but in the effort to produce a quality product I know the editing process will take some time. That in mind I’m hoping that the entire product will be completed by the new year (so that each of you can get a special holiday present from me). Of course this is entirely tentative but at the current pace (which I think will pick up) I think putting together a book would be the perfect way to jump start another great off season here at The Golf Academy.

Now we’ve talked about the future a lot today but we wouldn’t have made it this far, and we certainly wouldn’t be able to move forward without all the great support from this community. I’ve always appreciated the feedback on my personal experiences and advice as well as the group discussions that bounce around our small golfing community constantly. It really has been a pleasure to find my own spot among the long list of great golfing blogs and I’m excited to get back into the action once again.

Now that you’ve heard my story, I want to know what you think! What do you think about seeing some Golf Academy inspired clothing? Or would you like to know more about our book that’s in the works? As always, any comments you guys might have are appreciated by me!

Lastly though, with all this talk about expanding I don’t want you guys to get the wrong idea. There will still be the same old Golf Academy. We’ll still have new tips and tricks about golf. I still have more childhood stories to tell and I still have plenty more to learn from all of you guys! I know that we’ve gone away new golfing articles lately but in the coming weeks and months I’m excited to get back to what got us to the point we’re at today, which was writing quality material for the golfing world. So until next time golfers, hang around The Golf Academy, we’re glad to be back  and we can’t wait to show you what’s next!



2 thoughts on “A Midseason Recap and Big News for The Golf Academy

  1. Hi Sully,

    Good to see you back in action! Was getting worried about you! Cool news about the potential for threads as well as the book you’re working on. Keep us posted as I would be thrilled to give it a read. As for the clothes, unfortunately at this time I wouldn’t be able to sport any as I am an ambassador for Peak Performance, but love the idea to further solidify your brand. Best of luck and look forward to more posts!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Josh,
      Thanks for swinging by! Both of these opportunities have been awesome to pursue but I have been putting in a ton of time on the book lately. Can’t wait to show you guys what we’ve been up to! Thanks for the interest as always!

      Liked by 1 person

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