A New Brand is Born

As promised I’ve been hard at work these past couple weeks with both our book and some Golf Academy Merchandise which is why I’m coming to you today!

Over the past few months I’ve been in contact with a friend of mine who also happens to be a new clothing designer. Thanks to his hospitality and willingness to help educate me I eventually started to design things for The Golf Academy and now I finally have something to show to you guys!

Now, even though this has been in the works for a while I only have a handful of different products to show you guys right now. From here, based on the response we get from these first couple products, we’ll start to target our designs towards areas that some of you are interested in.

With that being said, any comments (or compliments too) would be incredibly helpful as my team and I work on developing our brand here. Our goal is to bring you awesome, high quality designs that represent what we do here at The Golf Academy at the most affordable price possible and we think that this handful of original products accomplishes this goal completely.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s check out some of these products we’ve been talking about for so long!

Screenshot (1).png
Check out this towel at our Zazzle Store!

First up we have a golf towel with a small spin on a common golf saying “you drive for show and you putt for dough”. As I was growing up my dad, who always wanted me to practice my short game more, would relay this golfism to me almost daily. My uncle, however, had a slightly different take on this and would say “you drive for dough, and you putt for even more dough”. At first it seemed like just a joke to me but as I grew up and started hitting the ball further I realized just how spot on he was with this. While good putting is important for scoring well it’s almost impossible to score well if your drives are putting you in trouble off of the tee. This revelation was a turning point in my golfing mentality and now, thanks to some hard work from our designers I can carry this little piece of inspiration with me on the course too!


Screenshot (2)
Check out our polo on our Zazzle Store!
Screenshot (4)
Grab our Logo Jacket on our Zazzle Store!









Next up we have two pieces of clothing with our Golf Academy logo stamped in the corner. Both the golf polo and fleece jacket have colors and sizes that can be customized and, while I can’t say anything about the jacket I can attest that the polo is very comfortable and breathes well.

Screenshot (3)
Check out our our new Golf Balls at our Zazzle Store!

Finally I have something that we’re particularly excited about; golf balls with short, helpful, saying on them. As you can see in the picture the balls come with a putting line as well as two different short sayings on the side. This was something I’ve considered for a while but I couldn’t be happier with the results. The balls turned out great and I personally think that the balls help me play better.

It might sound like a stretch, I mean, it’s just four words on a ball but it’s more than that for me. When I golf my mind is moving at a thousand miles an hour as I try to line up the perfect shot and sometimes this mental chaos carries over into my swing. With these balls though, once I see the “roll it” on our ball I remind myself to trust the line I picked and just give it a thump. Originally I was worried that the added words would be distracting while I was golfing but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Personally I enjoy the small reminders before each shot and I plan on playing with golf balls like these from now on.

Cool stuff huh? Now, all of these ideas are still in their infancy and, in an effort to create the best product possible, I would like to ask you again for your feedback. Do you have a great saying to put on a golf towel? Or a different set of sayings for our golf balls? Maybe you have a personal logo you’d like on some of our apparel? No matter what you have to say we’d love to hear it and hopefully this post is just the first step in a new, awesome, part of The Golf Academy! I’m proud to finally unveil this set of apparel and I hope you guys love our new stuff as much as I do!

Something peak your interest? Check out our Zazzle Store and grab a little bit of The Golf Academy today!

Until next time…


PSA: Zazzle runs some of the best sales I’ve ever encountered online (which is partially what I chose to create the merchandise through them) so come back and check out our store periodically!


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