Nine Best Golf Gifts of 2017: What To Buy For the Golfer in Your Life

Great golf gifts are hard to find. There seems to be an endless list of products and equipment to choose from when it comes to shopping for gifts this holiday season. So how can you cut through the clutter to find the right gift for the golfer in your life?

Well, you could scour department stores and until your eyes turn red, or, you could check out the nine best gifts we’ve come across in stores and the web this holiday season. So stop searching and take a quick look at what we think are the nine best golf gifts for this holiday season.

  1.  Putt-A-Bout 3 Hole Putting Mat

The first item on our list is a classic putting mat for indoor practice during the winter. Putt-A-Bout takes the classic panel putting mat one step above its predecessors with this 9ft-3ft artificial green. This design features a kidney-shaped design with three different holes to aim at along with two “sand traps” behind the holes to keep any long putts from rolling under chairs or couches.

While I haven’t personally used this putting mat, the design looks very sleek, it boasts a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, and for a little less than $40, I think it is more than worth the investment if it means you’ll have a little less trouble shaking the rust off your short game in the spring.

2. Tiger Woods – How I Play Golf
The next item on our holiday list is a personal favorite of mine. Tiger Woods – How I Play Golf is a great all-around book on golf instruction for those looking to learn more about the game and improve over the winter months, told through the eyes of one of golf’s greatest athletes.

This book was actually the first golf gift I ever received and even though some of the pages are torn and coffee-stained now, I still reread Tiger’s chapter on mental toughness before each season. The book comes in a variety of different formats, however, the $15 hardcover option does make a great coffee table addition…

3. College Football Set of Three Headcovers and NFL 3 Pack of Contour Head Covers

Our next set of gifts bring together two great sports, football and golf. As both a student and a football fan a set of three headcovers is a great way to represent my school’s athletic program as well as keep my clubs safe during transportation.

While Team Effort by no means covers every college team, there are a wide array of collegiate schools, NFL teams, Hockey teams, and more available for the reasonable price of around $30 A great choice for the football fan in your life!

5. TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

Moving on we have a gift for a slightly more serious golfer. In this day and age, having a rangefinder on the course with you is a near necessity for any golfer looking to seriously improve or play at a competitive level. I will admit that for most of my golfing career I relied on a trained eye or course markings to determine my distance and during that time nothing was more frustrating than watching a great shot sail over the green because you used more club than you needed.

Now, at almost $150 this is no fleeting investment, after researching a variety of different rangefinders, I am very comfortable recommending the VPRO500 as one of the more well made, reasonably priced rangefinders on the market (and I think the 2000 positive reviews on Amazon would agree). So, while it might not be right for every golfer, this quality rangefinder is certainly something you should look into if you want to dial in your game next spring.

6. adidas Men’s Pure Trx Golf Shoe

Moving into some golfing apparel now, I would like to quickly highlight a particular piece of golf apparel that I can personally recommend. While there are countless types of shoes, pants, and shirts out on the market, the Adidas Men’s Pure Trx shoe has served me very well for the past two summers. Even though I might not make it out onto the course every day, this shoe has maintained its support and kept my feet dry through countless rounds thanks to the water-resistant material around the bottom of the shoe.

Now, while it might be possible to find a cheaper golf shoe out on the market, at around $70 I think the Pure Trx is a great combination of quality and affordability for the common golfer. Besides the great price, the black variation of the shoe is great at hiding dirt and grass stains which has kept my pair looking (somewhat) sleek and clean even after hundreds of rounds out on the links.

7. 6 In 1 Golf Multi-Function All In One Golfers Tool

Our next gift holiday gift is the 6 in 1 Golf Multi-Tool from Perfect Life Ideas. Included in the tool are a divot repair tool, ball marker, groove cleaner, scrubbing brush, spike wrench, and a knife which should be more than enough to help you accomplish any golf-related problem you might encounter out on the course.

Now, while this gift might not have the same flair that a new set of clubs or a fancy range-finder might have, I have personally used this tool almost every round of the year. After hooking the multi-tool onto my bag I never found myself rummaging through my bag looking for ball markers or a divot repair tool. This allows me to spend less time looking for equipment and more time focusing on my game. All of these great tools are packaged up for you at a price of around $12, which makes this is a great gift for golfers of all ages and skill levels.

8. Practice Golf Putting Green Flag With Cup

Our next gift idea is one very close to my heart, in fact, this might be my favorite golf-related gift of all time. This great gift idea is a flag and cup combination for your backyard. During my childhood, I would go out daily to different spots around my backyard and chip and putt at a similar flag/cup combination and the makeshift green that we created along with it.

While you could certainly use a different type of cup instead of buying this gift,  it was great to go out to practice and have something “official” to shoot at. Not to mention this set also helps make your practice area look a little nicer when you’re not using it as well too. This flag and cup set might not be the fanciest gift or the easiest to set up (you’ll have to dig a small hole to put the cup in the ground which can be messy during the spring), but if you’ve ever thought of setting up a small practice area of your own, for under $20, I think this would be a great place to start.

9. Amen Corner Golf Canvas

To round out our list of the nine best golf gifts I want to switch gears just a little. Our last gift for today is a beautiful golf canvas featuring Amen’s Corner from Augusta National.

Now, I can’t promise that this beautiful 17″ x 15″ canvas will help you become a scratch golfer, but it certainly is a unique gift that would help any golf deprived family member make it through a long, cold winter. Plus, due to its size, it also makes a great addition to an office or desk space and, for $25, it’s an affordable way to start a small golf art collection of your very own.

The Wrap-Up

So, that’s it. All of our research into the best golf gifts of 2017 has led us to these nine great ideas. And while we’re very confident you would love any of these gifts we also want to hear what you think. What are you getting for that special golfer in your life? Let us know down below in the comments, and above all else, have a happy and safe holiday season this year, from all of us at The Golf Academy.


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